At character creation, start with 3-barter and up to three items, chosen as you like from weapons, armor, and tech items. You’re assumed to have mundane adventuring gear: ropes, pitons, rations, ten-foot poles. If you take fewer than three items, start with an additional 2-barter for each item you don’t take.


To create a weapon, start with these base stats: 1-harm hand (melee) or close (ranged)

Add 2 of the following advantages:

  • +1-harm
  • +1-harm
  • +ap-2
  • +far instead of +close
  • +far in addition to +close (takes 2 choices)
  • +worn (worn items are bound to your body and cannot be removed from your person)

If you like, you may also add the +tech tag. If so, add up to 2 of the following:

  • +autorepair (a broken weapon with this tag will repair itself if submerged in soil for half an hour)
  • +autofire (a weapon with this tag can hit multiple targets in an area, and ignores gang scaling, but if so used gains the +recharge tag)
  • +cryo (cold damage type; disables instead of killing enemies)
  • +fire! (fire damage type; deal +1-harm to biological enemies)
  • +laser (light damage type; +1 to volley and lay down fire rolls)
  • +messy (hits adjacent targets, friends and foes)
  • +seeker (uses seeker ammunition that tracks a target; does not need to be precisely aimed)
  • +shock (electricity damage type; deal +1-harm to mechanical enemies)

If you add 2, also add 1 of the following:

  • +bio (only damages biological enemies)
  • +loud (is loud)
  • +recoil (cannot be used held in the hands; it must be set up before firing)
  • +recharge (must be recharged after use; cannot take with +autofire)
  • +synth (only damages electronic enemies)

Weapons with the +tech tag require the player to make a use tech roll before using.


By default, each PC starts with 0-armor. This represents ordinary clothes, light or heavy. A character who wears armor has 1-armor. Armor is bulky and ways a person down; it’s possible that moves requiring flexibility or speed may be +glitched while wearing it. In return, 1-armor gives the wearer -1harm on all damage rolls. Damage cannot be reduced to 0; if you take harm you take at least 1-harm. 2-armor is generally reserved for vehicles and buildings, though it’s not completely implausible that tech versions of wearable armor may exist that grant a 2-armor bonus.

Other tech items

Previous civilizations cast their shadows to the present day, and many still-operational wonders of tech can be found. A tech item requires a use tech roll to operate, but they can do any number of wondrous things. Detail any tech items with the GM’s help. The catch is that even the cleverest of scavengers may not fully understand the objects that they use, and unexpected effects are common.


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