The world before this world ended four times.

First came the Apocalypse of Water. The oceans rose to swallow the land and the people drowned.
Second came the Apocalypse of Fire. The people made war on each other and burned themselves with terrible weapons.
Third came the Apocalypse of Earth. The ground vomited poison and the people sickened and died.
Last came the Apocalypse of Air. Winds of change blew through the world and when they were gone the people were no longer people, but something different and strange.

Finally, at the end of everything, the last man and the last woman opened a hole in the sky and walked through, and when they came through they found this world, untouched and new.
This world has ended more than four times, but that is a different story.

-The Four Apocalypses, oral tradition of the Trenith

Die-Sun is a campaign set on the habitable interior of a Dyson Sphere. It uses a hacked version of the Apocalypse World ruleset, and follows a group of adventurers from a small community of villages as they travel their ancient world, advance the interests of their tribe, and learn the secrets of the civilizations that rose and fell before them. Its primary influences are Monte Cook’s Numenera, Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun, and Ursula K. LeGuin’s Always Coming Home.


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