Personal Moves

All My Vices Are Devices
At the beginning of every session, roll +Intelligence. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. You can spend your hold 1 for 1, at any time, to have a piece of hand-me-down tech useful to whatever situation you find yourself in – either on-hand, or somewhere you can get at it without too much trouble. This won’t get you weapons, but it might get you just about anything else man-portable and tech. After using it, the item finally breaks down.

Animal Companion
You have a pet creature capable of fighting by your side. You can’t talk to it per se but it always acts as you wish it to. Name your animal and choose an appropriate species, then choose its stats:

  • Ferocity +2, Cunning +1, Devotion +1, Instinct +1
  • Ferocity +2, Cunning +2, Devotion +0, Instinct +1
  • Ferocity +1, Cunning +2, Devotion +1, Instinct +1
  • Ferocity +2, Cunning +2, Devotion +1, Instinct +2

Choose as many strengths as its ferocity:
Fast, burly, huge, calm, adaptable, quick reflexes, tireless, camouflage, ferocious, intimidating, keen senses, stealthy

Your animal is trained to fight people. Choose as many additional trainings as its cunning:
Hunt, search, scout, guard, fight animals, fight machines, perform, labor, travel

Choose as many weaknesses as its instinct:
Flighty, savage, slow, broken, frightening, forgetful, stubborn, lame

When you work with your animal companion on something it’s trained in:

  • and you attack the same target, add its ferocity to the harm you inflict
  • and you’re the cat or the mouse, add its cunning to your roll
  • and you take damage, add its devotion to your roll and its ferocity drops by 1 until you heal it
  • and you assess the situation, add its cunning to your roll
  • and you negotiate, add its cunning to your roll
  • and you fail on your move, take a penalty forward equal to its instinct

Become the Night
When you hide amidst the chaos of battle, roll +Dexterity. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On your turn, you can spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

  • Create an opportunity for yourself or someone else. You or an ally gets +1choice to their next battle move.
  • Secure an objective by stealth
  • Automatically get 10+ when you follow through on someone else’s move
  • Attack from surprise. This option uses up all remaining hold. Do +1harm per spent hold.

Break and Enter
You are talented at gaining access to places you have no business being. When you attempt to enter or exit such a place, roll +Dexterity. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:

  • You get where you wanted to be
  • You remain undetected while getting there.
  • You leave no trace of ever having been there
  • You stumble across something useful or interesting along the way.

When you lead a gang into battle, roll +Charisma. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Over the course of the fight, spend your hold 1 for 1 to make your gang:

  • Make a hard advance
  • Stand strong against a hard advance
  • Make an organized retreat
  • Show mercy to their defeated enemies
  • Fight and die to the last

On a miss, your orders get misunderstood or garbled or otherwise confused.

If you don’t already have a gang, this move GIVES you one (see NPCs and Gangs). If you do already have a gang, you can choose a new option for your gang instead.

Danger Sense
When you assess the situation, you can always ask one of the following questions, for free, without spending hold, even if you fail:

  • Which enemy is the biggest threat?
  • What should I be on the lookout for?

Deep Thinker
You pay closer attention to the world around you. At the end of every game session, mark experience.

You are +boosted on rolls you make against gangs one size larger than you, and +elevated on rolls you make against gangs two or more sizes larger than you.

Disciplined Engagement
When you inflict damage, you can choose to inflict any amount of damage you like, less than or up to your damage as established. Decide at the moment you inflict the damage; you need not tell anyone in advance how much damage you intend to inflict.

When you have time and materials, you may disguise yourself as another individual of about the same size and shape. This disguise will pass all but a close physical examination (going beyond a simple pat-down). Simply posing as another random individual takes only moments and access to alternate clothing or a similar physical distraction. Posing as a particular individual requires considerable time, study and resources as determined by the MC.

When you are given an order by a superior, you are +boosted on any rolls you make when following that order. If you pursue that course but don’t accomplish your ends, you mark experience.

Emotional Awareness
You have a practiced eye for body language. When you have a one-on-one interaction with someone where you can see each others’ body language roll +Wisdom. On a 10+ hold 2, on a 7-9, hold 1. You may spend your hold at any time during the interaction to:

  • automatically know when they lie or try to misdirect you.
  • conceal from them your own motives or intentions
  • communicate an idea or concept entirely non-verbally in a manner unlikely to be intercepted

Creatures which are not fully human may be difficult to read. The GM may impose +glitched when interacting with them.

Chose any move from any list that requires a die roll. Whenever you roll that move, you are +boosted. You may take Expertise more than once, assigning each new version to a different move.

Eye for Tech
When you have time and safety to study a tech item, roll +Intelligence. On a 10+, the GM will tell you what it does and how to use it. On a 7-9, the GM will explain the general principle at work.

Field Repair
When you try to fix a broken piece of tech roll +Intelligence. On a 10+, you’ve got it working for now. On a 7-9, it’s up and running, but its next use tech roll is +glitched. On a miss, boom. It’s gone for good.

Gain 2 new harm wedges at 7:00 and 8:00. Draw in two new lines on your harm clock.

Fortune Hunter
When you scavenge in a ruin, a dangerous territory, or other area with a long history, roll +Intelligence. On a hit, you find something. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1:

  • You find it quickly.
  • You find it without getting attacked or into trouble.
  • You find an item that is valuable.
  • You find an item that is tech.

When you seek to subvert a computer system or electronic security measures, roll +Intelligence. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2. On a miss, choose 1 anyway.

  • You get into the system or past the security
  • You don’t alert anyone to your intrusion
  • You leave no trace behind
  • You don’t permanently damage something important

Your healer’s kit has all kinds of crap in it: bindweed, bat-thorn, giraluna, false inkvine, REAL inkvine, sleepsmoke, kana nuts, a sharp knife, sticks for splints, needle and sinew, leather gloves, alcohol, a few clean bandages from the medfabber, and if it’s hopeless, smilodon venom to ease passing. It all fits in a large backpack. When you use it, spend its stock; you can spend 0–3 of its stock per use. You can resupply it for 1-barter per 2-stock, if your circumstances let you barter for medical supplies. It begins play holding 6-stock.

To use it to stabilize and heal someone at 9:00 or past: roll +stock spent. On a hit, they stabilize and heal to 6:00, and choose 2 (on a 10+) or 1 (on a 7–9):

  • They fight you and you have to dose them with sleepsmoke. How long will they be out?
  • The pain and drugs make them babble the truth to you. Ask them what secret they spill.
  • They respond very well to treatment. Recover 1 of the stock you spent, if you spent any.
  • They’re at your complete mercy. What do you do to them?
  • Their course of recovery teaches you something about your craft. Mark experience.
  • They owe you for your time, attention, and supplies, and you’re going to hold them to it.

On a miss, they take 1-harm instead.

To use it to speed the recovery of someone at 3:00 or 6:00: don’t roll. They choose: you spend 1-stock and they spend 4 days (3:00) or 1 week (6:00) blissed out on giraluna, immobile but happy, or else they do their time in agony like everyone else.

To use it to revive someone whose life has become untenable, spend 2-stock. They come back, but you get to choose how they come back. Choose from the regular “when life is untenable” list, or else choose 1:

  • They come back in your deep, deep debt.
  • They come back with a prosthetic (you detail).

To use it to treat an NPC, spend 1-stock. They’re stable now and they’ll recover in time.

Herb Gatherer
At the beginning of every session, gain 1-stock for a healer’s kit, to a maximum of 6-stock.

Honest Face
When another PC asks you a question while assessing the situation, you may answer any way you choose. NPCs will similarly have difficulty discerning your intentions.

Impossible Reflexes
The way you move unencumbered counts helps defend you. If you’re naked or nearly naked, gain +1Constitution (max +3) while rolling the damage move. You need to really be naked or nearly naked; catsuits don’t count.

Inspiring Leader
When you use words or deeds to inspire your people, roll +Charisma. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. At any time, you can spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

  • Give someone under your command +boosted on their next move while in battle.
  • Give someone under your command +boosted for all damage moves for 1 round of battle.
  • Give someone under your command +1harm for 1 round of battle.

Knife in the Dark
When you attack from hiding or from a circumstance prepared by you in advance, your damage is +ap 2.

Last Stand
When you stand your ground against overwhelming odds, roll +Constitution. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 1:

  • You create an opportunity for others (your call) to escape.
  • You are +boosted for as long as you continue to stand your ground.
  • Your position is counted as secure for as long as you choose to hold it.
  • You are not overwhelmed at the end of the round, and your life does not become untenable.

Magnetic Gaze
When you enter into a charged situation, roll +Charisma. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7–9, hold 1. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to make eye contact with an NPC present (even a nonhuman creature or machine, as long as they can ‘see’ you, who freezes or flinches and can’t take action until you break it off. On a miss, your enemies identify you immediately as their foremost threat.

When you lay down fire, you may add the following option to the move’s list:

  • damage or destroy a specific body part or item (held or not).

Martial Artist
You do +2harm when unarmed.

When you inflict harm, inflict +1harm.

Name your escape route and roll +Dexterity. On a 10+, you’re gone, and you take something or someone with you, you tell the GM what. On a 7–9, you can go or stay, but if you go you: leave something behind or take something with you, the GM will tell you what. On a miss, you’re caught vulnerable, half in and half out.

In battle, you count as a small gang, with harm according to your weapons.

When you get a 10+ on the use tech move, you can choose instead to have the item work exceptionally well, but if so it breaks immediately afterward.

Pack Alpha
When you try to impose your will on your gang, roll +Strength. On a 10+, all 3. On a 7-9, choose 1:

  • They do what you want.
  • They don’t fight back over it.
  • Their Vulnerability doesn’t activate, or you don’t have to hurt one of them.

On a miss, someone in your gang makes a dedicated bid to replace you as Alpha. If you don’t already have a gang, this move gives you one (see Gear). If you already have a gang, select one more option for them.

You have a reputation as a highly principled individual, though what those principles are is up to you. When you share with another player’s character your vision and your methods, roll +Charisma. On a 10+, hold 2 over them. On a 7-9, hold 1 over them. Whenever you like, you can spend your hold, 1 for 1, to have them mark experience, typically for taking actions that follow your example. On a miss, they hold 1 over you, on the same terms.

When you try to steal or plant something on an individual or you try to ditch something surreptitiously, roll +Dexterity. On a 10+, you do it, no problem. On a 7-9, you do it, but the GM chooses 1:

  • You create an awkward moment
  • The action will get noticed before too long
  • Someone other than the people you’re hiding your action from saw you do it

Name somebody who might conceivably eat, drink, breathe or otherwise ingest something you’ve touched and roll +Intelligence. On a 10+, they do, and their life becomes untenable in some nasty way sometime during the next 24 hours. On a 7-9, they’re merely badly injured or out of action. On a miss, several people of the GM’s choice, maybe including your guy maybe not, get it.

Whenever life becomes untenable for you or an ally, you are +boosted ongoing to all rolls versus those responsible, forever. (All rolls with them directly as a target count, of course. Rolls against their family and friends, minions, or property may count, in the GM’s judgment.)

Squad Leader
When you lead a gang into battle, it counts as one size larger than it is.

Tactical Acumen
You look at every situation with a tactical eye, and are commonly prepared for most surprises. When you declare retroactively that you’ve already set something up, roll +Intelligence. On a 10+ it’s just as you say. On a 7-9, you set it up but here at the crucial moment the GM can introduce some hitch or delay. On a miss, you set it up, but since then things you don’t know about have seriously changed.

Team Player
When you aid another you are +boosted forward as well.

Tough in the Fiber
When you fail the damage move (roll a 6-) take one less damage than you normally would.

Tech Combatant
When you make a move using a tech weapon, roll +Intelligence instead of +Strength or +Dexterity, and you are +boosted on the tech move.

Gain the tag +technoshaman. When you ingest the food, drink, or earth of a place not home, roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, choose 2 moves, on a 7-9, choose 1 move requiring the +technoshaman tag. You have these moves as normal until you roll this move again. On a miss, take 1-harm (ap), and you still gain a move, but the GM decides which one and can spend hold to activate it.

You are skilled with your hands and can fix, repair, or build pretty much anything, with the right raw materials.

When you dedicate yourself to making or fixing a thing, or to getting to the bottom of something technological, decide what you’re doing and tell the GM. The GM will tell you “sure, no problem, but…” and then 1 to 4 of the following:

  • It’s going to take hours/days/weeks/months of work
  • First you’ll have to get/build/fix/figure out (something)
  • You’re going to need (someone) to help you with it
  • You’re going to need parts, and they’re going to be expensive
  • The best you’ll be able to do is a crap version, weak and unreliable
  • It’s going to mean exposing yourself and colleagues to serious danger
  • You’re going to have to find or create a workspace where you can do (something)
  • It’s going to take several/dozens/hundreds of tries
  • You’re going to have to take (something) apart to do it.

The GM might connect them all with “and,” or might throw in a merciful “or.” Once you’ve accomplished the necessaries, you can go ahead and accomplish the thing itself.

Tech-spirit moves

These moves can only be taken by a character with the +technoshaman tag. A character can spend XP to take them permanently as normal in addition to being granted them by the technoshaman move.

Tech-spirit: Dominate
When you put your hands skin-to-skin on another creature, roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, hold 2, on a 7-9, hold 1. At any time, spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

  • Make the target’s attack miss its mark – it strikes someone other than the intended target, or a wall, or the ground.
  • Impress, dismay, or frighten the target.
  • Overload the target. Inflict 3 damage per hold spent.
  • Take over their body. They can try to resist by rolling +Wisdom in subsequent rounds. 10+ throws off your control, 7-9 contests control, and failure leaves control in your hands.

You cannot use this move if you have unspent hold from this move.

Tech-spirit: Firespout
The tech-spirits grant you bursts of flame which can be used as a melee weapon (2-harm hand fire!), and when you make a roll using it as a weapon, roll +Wisdom instead of +Strength.

Tech-spirit: Fly
Roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. Spend 1 hold to gain the ability to fly for 1 round of combat or ten seconds of time. If you end a round in the air, take a chance with Wisdom to remain aloft (if you have remaining hold) or descend safely (if you don’t).

Tech-spirit: Force Field
When you go into battle, roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. Spend 1 hold to generate a force field around a position and choose one of the following effects:

  • Give a PC ally +1choice on a seize by force or defend something you hold roll
  • Give yourself or a PC ally +boosted on a damage move or stand overwatch roll
  • Protect an object or NPC from all damage for 1 round

Tech-spirit: Healing Touch
When you put your hands skin-to-skin on a wounded creature, roll +Wisdom On a 10+, heal 1 segment. On a 7–9, heal 1 segment, but choose 1:

  • They’re temporarily overwhelmed and +glitched forward.
  • You’re temporarily overwhelmed and +glitched forward.

On a miss, you don’t heal them, and you’re both +glitched forward.

Tech-spirit: Laser Strike
The tech-spirits grant you beams of light which can be used as a ranged weapon (2-harm close/far laser, and when you make a roll using it as a weapon, roll +Wisdom instead of +Dexterity.

Tech-spirit: Paralysis
When you put your hands skin-to skin on another creature roll +Wisdom. On a hit, they’re frozen in place, disabled, and may not act or make moves. On a 10+, this lasts the entire battle. On a 7-9, 1 round of combat. The effect ends if the target takes 2-harm from any source. Player characters may take a chance with Consitution to break the effects of Paralysis.

Tech-spirit: Telekinesis
Choose an object that is not held or worn by another person and roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, choose 2, on a 7-9, choose 1:

  • The object moves to precisely where you want
  • The object lands gently
  • You’re not temporarily overwhelmed and +glitched forward.

Personal Moves

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