Incident Report

Uh. Uh. I first received notice of a portal intrusion at approximately 1600. The automated defenses activated, deactivated, and reactivated before being destroyed. I made contact with the individuals in the portal corridor and they declared themselves to be non-hostile. As they showed no signs of Jandross infection I permitted them to enter the facility. They identified themselves as representatives of a diverse coalition of interests with a shared goal of repelling the Jandross incursion. I received their report and forwarded it to Admiral Grayson’s office for review. Shortly thereafter, as their leader was installing replacement weaponry for the potral room, a second intrusion event occurred. This one was also non-Jandross, but was a hostile force of nonhuman entities. The smaller ground troops were approximately one meter tall, with twelve footlike appendages and serrated teeth. The larger forms which I assumed to be in command were approximately four meters tall, bipedal, with several arms running down the sides, and appeared to interfere with the mental processes of those around them. The group of ‘ambassadors’ and I initiated a tactical retreat, hoping to lure the hostile forces to the outdoor kill zone, but before I could activate the remainder of the defenses, an orbital laser strike, probably also triggered by the hostile intrusion, decimated the hostiles. We were fortunate that one of the visitors was mechanical in origin and able to detect preparations for the strike or we would also have been killed. Under the advice of their leader, I deactivated the portal to prevent future intrusions. He said that it would be possible to block intrusions of this sort again with the proper materials (I have attached a requisition list). That said, it is my estimate that the portal is currently nonfunctional and no longer of tactical value, and I request reevaluation of my post.

1st Lieutenant Jak Hardon



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