Couatl Lodge Healer


Tags: +technoshaman


  • Strength: -1
  • Dexterity: 0
  • Constitution: +2
  • Intelligence: +2
  • Wisdom: +3
  • Charisma: 0

Experience: X X O O O

Harm: 0:00

Stock: 2


Healer: (Expertise)
Your healer’s kit has all kinds of crap in it: bindweed, bat-thorn, giraluna, false inkvine, REAL inkvine, sleepsmoke, kana nuts, a sharp knife, sticks for splints, needle and sinew, leather gloves, alcohol, a few clean bandages from the medfabber, and if it’s hopeless, smilodon venom to ease passing. It all fits in a large backpack. When you use it, spend its stock; you can spend 0–3 of its stock per use. You can resupply it for 1-barter per 2-stock, if your circumstances let you barter for medical supplies. It begins play holding 6-stock.

To use it to stabilize and heal someone at 9:00 or past: roll +stock spent. On a hit, they stabilize and heal to 6:00, and choose 2 (on a 10+) or 1 (on a 7–9):

  • They fight you and you have to dose them with sleepsmoke. How long will they be out?
  • The pain and drugs make them babble the truth to you. Ask them what secret they spill.
  • They respond very well to treatment. Recover 1 of the stock you spent, if you spent any.
  • They’re at your complete mercy. What do you do to them?
  • Their course of recovery teaches you something about your craft. Mark experience.
  • They owe you for your time, attention, and supplies, and you’re going to hold them to it.

On a miss, they take 1-harm instead.

To use it to speed the recovery of someone at 3:00 or 6:00: don’t roll. They choose: you spend 1-stock and they spend 4 days (3:00) or 1 week (6:00) blissed out on giraluna, immobile but happy, or else they do their time in agony like everyone else.

To use it to revive someone whose life has become untenable, spend 2-stock. They come back, but you get to choose how they come back. Choose from the regular “when life is untenable” list, or else choose 1:

  • They come back in your deep, deep debt.
  • They come back with a prosthetic (you detail).

To use it to treat an NPC, spend 1-stock. They’re stable now and they’ll recover in time.

Tactical Acumen:
You look at every situation with a tactical eye, and are commonly prepared for most surprises. When you declare retroactively that you’ve already set something up, roll +Intelligence. On a 10+ it’s just as you say. On a 7-9, you set it up but here at the crucial moment the GM can introduce some hitch or delay. On a miss, you set it up, but since then things you don’t know about have seriously changed.

Spend 1-stock from your healer’s kit to invoke one of the following effects on any biological NPC you have in your power, no roll required:

  • Sleepsmoke: They fall unconscious for several hours but will wake if attacked.
  • True inkvine: They see strange and terrifying visions and rave uncontrollably.
  • Giraluna: They bliss out and babble a secret to you.
  • Smilodon venom: They die.

Gain the tag +technoshaman. When you ingest the food, drink, or earth of a place not home, roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, choose 2 moves, on a 7-9, choose 1 move requiring the +technoshaman tag. You have these moves as normal until you roll this move again. On a miss, take 1-harm (ap), and you still gain a move, but the GM decides which one and can spend hold to activate it.

Current Technoshaman Moves:

Tech-spirit: Dominate
When you put your hands skin-to-skin on another creature, roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, hold 2, on a 7-9, hold 1. At any time, spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

  • Make the target’s attack miss its mark – it strikes someone other than the intended target, or a wall, or the ground.
  • Impress, dismay, or frighten the target.
  • Overload the target. Inflict 3 damage per hold spent.
  • Take over their body. They can try to resist by rolling +Wisdom in subsequent rounds. 10+ throws off your control, 7-9 contests control, and failure leaves control in your hands.

You cannot use this move if you have unspent hold from this move.

Tech-spirit: Firespout
The tech-spirits grant you bursts of flame which can be used as a melee weapon (2-harm hand fire!), and when you make a roll using it as a weapon, roll +Wisdom instead of +Strength.

Tech-spirit: Fly
Roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. Spend 1 hold to gain the ability to fly for 1 round of combat or ten seconds of time. If you end a round in the air, take a chance with Wisdom to remain aloft (if you have remaining hold) or descend safely (if you don’t).

Tech-spirit: Force Field
When you go into battle, roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. Spend 1 hold to generate a force field around a position and choose one of the following effects:

  • Give a PC ally +1choice on a seize by force or defend something you hold roll
  • Give yourself or a PC ally +boosted on a damage move or stand overwatch roll
  • Protect an object or NPC from all damage for 1 round

Tech-spirit: Healing Touch
When you put your hands skin-to-skin on a wounded creature, roll +Wisdom On a 10+, heal 1 segment. On a 7–9, heal 1 segment, but choose 1:

  • They’re temporarily overwhelmed and +glitched forward.
  • You’re temporarily overwhelmed and +glitched forward.

On a miss, you don’t heal them, and you’re both +glitched forward.

Tech-spirit: Laser Strike
The tech-spirits grant you beams of light which can be used as a ranged weapon (2-harm close/far laser, and when you make a roll using it as a weapon, roll +Wisdom instead of +Dexterity.

Tech-spirit: Paralysis
When you put your hands skin-to skin on another creature roll +Wisdom. On a hit, they’re frozen in place, disabled, and may not act or make moves. On a 10+, this lasts the entire battle. On a 7-9, 1 round of combat. The effect ends if the target takes 2-harm from any source. Player characters may take a chance with Consitution to break the effects of Paralysis.

Tech-spirit: Telekinesis
Choose an object that is not held or worn by another person and roll +Wisdom. On a 10+, choose 2, on a 7-9, choose 1:

  • The object moves to precisely where you want
  • The object lands gently
  • You’re not temporarily overwhelmed and +glitched forward.


Barter: 2

Weapons & Armor
  • Crossbow (2-harm)
Other Stuff
  • Small/portable analytical synthesizer (for analyzing new plants/substances; capable of synthesizing very small amounts of medications.)
  • Small osmotic breathing mask that allows breathing under water.
  • Visor/HUD medical analysis unit (reads vital statistics when examining patients.)


  • Bazz – The story of how you met: I am the one who managed to cure him of the infection that kept him from becoming a Real Berserker™. His family was very angry that I couldn’t make him a Real Boy.
  • Markus – The story of why you (sort of) DON’T trust each other: We are mutually baffled by each other. He calls me “Medicus”.
  • Cinder – The story of the joke that got out of hand: That one time that she took real real inkvine instead of false inkvine and burned it in her bar, causing almost all of her patrons to overdose from smoke inhalation.
  • Kada – The story of the time the outsiders came to town: I dug shrapnel (from Markus’ weaponry) out of his shoulder after a big fight with a group of raiders.
  • Toriss – The story of the time the irreplaceable thing got broken: One of the medical devices at the Sanctum broke and was spewing poisonous smoke and leaking toxic material. He was brought in to fix it, with the thought that his bug physiology might be partially immune. He fixed it, but was poisoned and I had to use one of my couatls to heal him.

Heron is a Blackshell Fisher who joined the Couatl Lodge when she passed the test given to all children in the villages. She joined the White Tooth Lodge after finishing her apprenticeship with the healers.

Heron has two pitocouatls, given to her by the Couatl Lodge when she became a healer. Itza is a hooded pitocoatl, with a black, cobra-like head, black wings, and a coppery body. Cama is a crested pitocoatl, with a bright green head and crest of feathers, turquoise and green back, and bright red belly. Itza is calm, friendly, and a bit curious (as bird-snakes go) while Cama is a bit more high-strung and liable to bite if startled.

Itza Cama
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