There and back and there again

From the personal journal of Indri Mother-Wolf:

The team performed adequately at field exercise at the ziggurat at 43B. Bazz scaled it and found some kind of air shaft or decayed stone that fell in, opening a path and unfortunately alerting another group of scavengers who were also attempting to raid the stores. They opened the doors to let us in but Toriss quickly perceived ill intent. Quelana and Markus tried to negotiate a truce, but that failed when Bazz tried to get a look at the group and fell down the shaft. Wish I could say I’ve never done something that dumb, and I’ll give him credit, he must have landed on his ass but five seconds later he’d taken a hostage and was backing down the hall us to the main doors. That kid has a finely-honed sense of what’s gonna kill him. Markus sent a drone up to the top and found some doors, so Quelana did that thing she does where she scares the shit out of people and cleared a path for Toriss to get up there. He found a control panel and exposed what turned out to be a fucking nuclear missile, and also set off a countdown indoors. That got everyone outside right quick; Quelana went in and managed to get inside the system and shut that off. Markus and Kada looked intimidating enough that the scavengers – a weak, sick looking group even by outside standards – hoofed it off and watched from a distance to see if we’d blow ourselves up, but they were probably disappointed; Toriss got the bomb disarmed. Meanwhile, Bazz and Heron were rooting around inside and he found what turned out to be frag grenades of some kind. I know this stuff is useful, but I hate raiding military installations. You’d think these people would have had better things to do with their time than find all these inventive ways to kill themselves. Half the hospitals are no better.

Sorry, done complaining. Toriss got the missile broke down and and went inside to see if the computers were networked to any other locations, and yeah they were, and yeah, one of them had decided this location was compromised and there was ANOTHER fucking missile coming in at us. No time to think, we just bugged out. There was plenty of time, but we can mark the ziggurat off our list. Nothing else there.

So all that was fine but I think we’re going to have to put the initiation off for a bit. Heron’s got it in her head to play healer; she’s as much Coautl as she is White Tooth. Swear to the spirits those fuckers tailed us here, smoked them out of their beds, and tried to kill them all. That…didn’t work out so well. They sent a crowd of them in but Markus’ drones shot up a bunch and Kada bashed in the heads of the ones that were left. There was some kind of shaman with them but what he could do we never found out; Bazz got off a headshot almost immediately. Quelana and Heron didn’t even manage to get close enough to the snipers to do any damage before Heron’s poison-thorns did their thing and next thing you know they’re all screaming and cutting themselves open.

I strongly recommend not pissing off Heron, by the way.

Anyway, Markus tried to interrogate the one who lived and just scared the crap out of him (his name’s Biven, I guess), so Heron drugged him up and eventually they got him talking. Apparently these folks settled in the fucking Fever Swamp? Must have been beyond desperate. COMPLETELY UNSURPRISINGLY they’re now all sick and starving, so they sent these guys over to either bring back some stuff or reduce the number of people who need to eat. Markus pushed for just going and cleaning them out but Heron’s thinking helpy thoughts. She took Bevin up to Ato and found out it’s some kind of blood disease, so everyone’s on mosquito alert for the time being. Ato was about to give him up for lost when Quelana offered to donate some blood, said she never got sick and did her usual song and dance about prayer. I know that’s a screen for something but damned if I know what. That said, Ato had that Look in his eyes when I saw him, so maybe I will sooner rather than later. Now that they’ve got a plan they’re going to go try and retrieve everyone. Gonna have to kill some strongman named Brunt who’s apparently holding on to all the resources out in the Fever Swamp. I’m not sure I agree with their assessment that this is a threat worth tackling but unless we start letting them make the calls we’re all going to be robbing graves at a hundred and twenty. I think they’re ready for the initiation, but it can wait a few more weeks.




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