Impressive Distraction

Intercepted traffic, three-times encrypted:


I’m heading back. Looks like those folks you sent out to kidnap the da Rosa kid did my job for me too. No way will that thing function now. They managed to dismantle the control panel and I saw the big one run off with a few key parts, as well as the kid, and scare everyone off the site with what the blind one said was some sort of bomb, but I’m not stupid; I saw those marks on the skin of the two that ran off after the explosion…only nanites work that fast, and that grotesquely. I hope they got clear of it, or everyone’s going to be in for an ugly surprise in a week or two. See if you can find a way to get Cobalt close enough to check them out before they start wandering around Kredo and infecting everyone. They just took off, should be there in a day or so. No way for me to stow away without it looking suspicious, but I’ll detach myself as soon as I can naturally. One last piece of news: that nanoplague was guarding, or possibly created by, a functioning medfabber. The last piece of the puzzle may have just fallen right into our lap.




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