Personal journal:

A relief on several fronts – our young members have returned to us safely, they have brought the charges our machinery will need to run for the next year (and additionally an emissary from one of the cities beyond the portal – a Professor Merrow, who seems content to spend his time in the portal room poking at the machinery, hopefully nondestructively), and most personally satisfying, I am finally rid of the damn ring. The Lodge is Heron’s problem now. I overindulged at the homecoming party and now everyone is calling me ‘Junco Drunko’ – it probably won’t stick but personally I love it. Markus spun us the story of their adventures twice – the full round for the Lodge and and edited version for the whole village. They had quite the adventure; Ozgur managed to talk them into all kinds of things I would never have allowed, like gifting a city with technology sufficient to alter its power balance, or even taking that flyer out (they brought it back with them. Even I have to admit it’s impressive.

Straid talked to Cinder for a bit about Bevin, and she seems concerned that the transfusion did something to him, made Ato destroy the rest of her blood samples and everything. They’re going to go looking for him, though Toriss has some kind of capital-P Project he wants to work on, so ruin-diving is what’s next on the agenda for them. I guess. Not my problem.

Junco Finally Doesn’t Bear the Fucking Ring Anymore



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