High and Mighty

Internal correspondence, High Academy of Kredo:


I’m going to need those scanning modules and the hypersextant back for a little while. Field work! You know those super-rich visitors that are making all that noise these last few days? Turns out they came here through an actual, functioning Temple Builder portal! Or it was functioning till someone blasted it to pieces. The one I think is their leader came to me and spun this story about being the head of a university, and looking for information about the portals so she could have her students build one….she tried to play it off like she considered the dangers insignificant, which went to show she wasn’t as all-knowing as all that. So glad she came clean with me about the truth: there’s another portal to the southwest, they came here through it, but it’s broken now, and they want to fix it so they can go home. I know, I know, you’ll say it’s good that it’s broken, but I can’t just leave them here stranded for the rest of their lives, to say nothing of the scientific possibilities…anyway, in case I die horribly or release an army of Erinyes on the world, you should know I’m headed up to Markstone to examine the excavation there, in the hopes that the pieces we need to repair are up there and functioning in a way we can mimic. So exciting!


Intercepted traffic, three-times-encrypted:


There’s a group of travelers heading to Kredo you should keep an eye out for. They stopped by our camp and cleared out the murdens infesting the basement like it was nothing, just so they could get to the bottom and reactivate some old tech. Fair deal, as far as it goes, but these folks are capable, dangerous, untethered to the social order, and willing to shake things up as far as they have to to get what they want. Find a way to make our problems their problems, and we might speed up the timetable a year or two.




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