Friends and Relations

So that was unexpected.

The command unit we found and issued a recall code to came back…with its personality matrix intact, and it brought friends. They parked their airship a ways off, probably wanted to keep their secrets till they knew our intentions. The command unit says someone from this local tribe activated it and apparently, in the absence of a structured heirarchy, imposed one on what looks to me like a bunch of undifferentiated anarchists. It referred to one of them as Praetor, which I think is kind of funny – I wonder if it gave her a quick promotion so I wouldn’t outrank her. I was expecting a tool, not a person, but I think I convinced it not to straight-up murder me when I explained about the Jandross – it seemed to believe me and decided to put me in contact with another more advanced AI of the type that wiped out my entire civilization, I think as a test. It’s calling itself Celandine now, whichever one it was before. That one’s set up shop on the other side of the sphere and claims to be content with running a city for now. So that’s all very exciting. Emilia did some repairs on the command unit and helped its bug-friend put together a scanning unit so they can look for some nanoplague they’re worried is spreading around the vicinity. Grateful again for running into that spy – I think we learned as much from her as she did from us, and if I hadn’t been prepared for these ‘semihumans’ I might have panicked and done something stupid. It really does look terrifying, like some of those old pictures of extraplanars. Seemed nice enough once you talked to it though – it’s not the world I went to sleep in out there anymore. Convincing everyone else of that will be the real challenge. I mean, assuming we’re not all murdered or enslaved by telepathic human offshoots or extraplanars, of course.

Augustus Secundus, Praetor
Like it even matters anymore



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