Cut Off

I TOLD them. I TOLD them sending this new group in blind was a terrible idea, and now here we are, seven people and two megagoats, and unless Toriss unlocks a whole new level of awesome, we’re going to stay here for a good long while.

Heron filled me in once we had some downtime on the boat (I’m gonna start seeding the name White Tooth unless they overrule me). All I remember was Indri chilling out and then everything went black. Apparently one of those Khalsi fucks shot him in the back, because the recruits murdered the rest of his squad so they didn’t have the calloff signal, because SOMEONE OR SOMEONES I AM THINKING HARD ABOUT YOU RIGHT NOW JUNCO thought this whole ‘do your own research’ plan was a good test. Kada looked especially pissed; his genetic predisposition for protection doesn’t sit well with Indri’s death, I guess, or maybe he just has common sense.

Anyway, they passed the test, for whatever good it does us all, carrying around a year’s supply of the power source for the medfabber and half the tech the Trenith use on almost the opposite side of the sphere. Bazz nearly got himself killed twice (seriously, I don’t know why his mother isn’t prouder of him, he clearly inherited her death wish), once by the giant rats and once by the gas mines. I was impressed Markus was able to download and synthesize the antidote so rapidly. I wish I could connect with those old servers he talks to, though I’m worried we might muscle each other over territory.

If it weren’t for all the shit that went down I’d almost be excited. We’re on our way to that second portal we’ve never visited before, by way of Geran (if it’s still there) and one of the more marginal server bunkers I co-opted a while back. Junco wouldn’t let us take the White Tooth out of dock, said it was too dangerous, but she’s not here now, and now I’ve got some time alone with the recruits. They already see eye-to-eye with me about the initiation; maybe we can start doing some things differently now. Even Quelana let me in, finally, thank goodness. She’s still wary, and given her history with the Lodge I can’t totally blame her, but if I can get her on board, this could be the chance I’ve been waiting more than ten thousand years for.




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