Ark 9

The Cinder and her people arrived today, as Navlaan told us they would. The Cinder herself chooses to remain hidden, though I assured her companions we meant her no harm. We welcomed them and gave them food (their appetites were not large, but apparently their machine-man had recently acquired a new source of food and had been testing recipes out on them for several days), and we will send them tomorrow so that our Hive-Queen and theirs may discuss matters of state. Their Hive-Queen told us that there is a threat to all life in the world, and while I imagine that to be an exaggeration to convey urgency, I know that Navlaan deals with uncanny and powerful forces, and I am sure her needs are not to be trifled with. Navlaan also informed us that they had already visited another, similar Ark to ours (number 17, containing creatures of a more warlike bent) in another part of the world, and suborned it to their cause.

If this matter is truly dangerous I am certain my Hive-Queen will inform me what is to be done. My interest is much more in their juvenile, Toriss, who has reached an advanced age for an immature drone. He claims to have been born in a hive millions of miles from here, so either he originates from another Ark or, even possibly from members of our species who brought down the human oppressors. It is a shame he is the only survivor of his hive-we could have learned much from his former Hive-Queen. I hope our queen will look favorably on him and allow him the foods he needs for metamorphosis. I only hope it’s not too late already.



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